Our company offers you three products to protect your RV

With our water deflector and extending gutter, water and dirt are deflected from the walls of your RV . Your walls remain clean and without black slides.

3MTM Self-adhesive version*

Sliding version

Spout gutter**

* Our 3MTM adhesive gutter comes in 8ft length, perfect width for the back of your trailer or RV.
** Our spout for gutters can be used with or without our gutter lip. It gives you a better prevention of black marks.

A Canadian Product

RV Gutter Lip is a Canadian invention designed to protect your recreational vehicle from dirt, water infiltration and black spots.

Photos before and after

Without our invention

With our invention




Reduced washes, for longer life of your wax!


Protection against dirt

No need to wash your RV as often.


Prevention of black marks

No more unsightly stains on your beautiful RV!


Shielding against water infiltration

This is a great way to protect your RV!


Resistance against extreme hot and cold temperatures (-40 °C to 40 °C)

Our gutters withstand hot as much as cold weather.


Protection against UV rays

Our product has full protection against UV rays.

The perfect adhesive for your RV

3MTM adhesives are the most popular on the market. They will keep your RV Gutter Lips securely attached to your RV to protect it.

Steps for preparing the surface to adhere 3MTM tape

  1. Your RV should be at an ambient temperature of 15 °C to 30 °C.
  2. Clean the surface with water and let it dry.
  3. Clean the surface with a very clean cloth generously soaked with isopropyl alcohol (we do not recommend paper towels and towelettes), and let it dry for a few minutes (5 minutes maximum).
  4. Carefully apply the tape to the chosen area (instant bonding) and press firmly with your hand for one minute.
  5. Wait 24 hours before driving the RV or the motorhome on the road.

Demonstration Videos by RV Gutter Lip!

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